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Why Write for Tricity Paint Works?

Tricity Paint Works is more than just a painting service provider; we’re a community of home improvement enthusiasts, interior design aficionados, and those who appreciate the art of transforming living spaces in Tricity. By contributing to our blog, you’ll reach a wide audience eager to discover renovation insights and design inspiration through your eyes.

What We’re Looking For

We seek engaging, informative, and original content that fits within the following categories

Painting Service Guides

Share your tips, tricks, and advice for achieving the perfect paint job in Tricity. From colour selection to surface preparation, we want to hear your recommendations.

Home Renovation Guides

Whether it’s revamping a single room or tackling a whole house makeover, share your renovation guides, must-have tools, and insider tips.

Personal Renovation Stories

Have a memorable experience or a story worth telling about your renovation projects in Tricity? We’re all ears!

Home Decor and Design Tips

Offer advice on selecting the right paint colours, arranging furniture, and creating cohesive design schemes for a harmonious living space.

Submission Guidelines

For your article to align with our publishing criteria, adhere strictly to our guidelines

Original Content

All submissions must be original and not published elsewhere. We value unique perspectives and fresh content.

Word Count

Submissions should be between 800 and 1500 words, offering detailed insights and valuable information.


While we prioritize quality content, having an SEO-friendly article with appropriate keywords related to painting services and home renovation in Tricity can enhance your post’s reach.

One Do-follow Link

You may include one do-follow link to your website or blog, which will remain active for a year. Ensure your linked site has a DA above 20.

Editing Rights

Our editorial team reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity, accuracy, and SEO optimization.

How to Submit?

Ready to share your renovation stories or insights? Follow these simple steps

Draft Your Article

Ensure it meets our guidelines and categories.

Submit Your Draft

Email your complete article to [email protected], including any necessary titles and subheadings.

Editorial Review

Our team will review your submission and make any necessary adjustments. If there are significant changes, we’ll discuss them with you.


Once approved, your article will go live within 24 hours, and we’ll send you the published link.

Why does guest posting matter?

Guest posting on Tricity Paint Works is not just about sharing your stories; it’s a powerful tool for digital marketing, offering benefits like increased back traffic, brand visibility, and the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in home improvement and painting services in Tricity. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership that drives engagement and leads, boosting your and our platform’s market presence.


Will Tricity Paint Works edit my submission? 

Yes, we may edit submissions for content accuracy and adherence to our guidelines.

What’s the word count range for submissions? 

Submissions should be between 800 and 1500 words.

How many links can I include? 

You can include one do-follow link to your site and are encouraged to link back to relevant articles on our blog for added credibility.

Join us in sharing the beauty of home improvement and enhancing the renovation experience for all homeowners in Tricity!`